House committee approves bill protecting renters

Renter's Rights Bill Advances

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT) - An Arkansas House committee approved a bill Wednesday that would protect renters from living in deplorable conditions.

House Bill 1563 sets a minimum habitability standard for renters, which holds landlords accountable to keep their rental property in livable conditions.

Rep. Monte Hodges (D-Blytheville), who is a cosponsor of the bill, says he believes the bill can help give tenants, who live in deplorable conditions, a voice.

“That’s all these people can afford to pay for so they just live in these conditions, and they really don’t have a say so,” said Representative Hodges.

Hodges mentioned that a lot of tenants who have to put up with “slumlords” have a fear of being “retaliated against if they complain about something.”

He hopes the bill will pass to benefit constituents in Northeast Arkansas, where he says he sees a lot of people living in poor conditions.

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