Vaccine improves symptoms of some COVID long-haulers

Some COVID long-haulers see vaccine relief

(CNN) – For COVID-19 long-haulers, those plagued with prolonged symptoms like fatigue and brain fog, it’s been a long road.

But for some, the coronavirus vaccines are helping.

“I could focus. I could see. My sinuses cleared up. It was wonderful and, also, the fatigue lifted,” said Rebecca Neff, a COVID long-hauler.

She had suffered from continuous COVID symptoms until getting a first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

“The next day I woke up and my head was clear,” Neff said. “I had not realized how foggy it was even on good days.”

Diana Berrent, the founder of the non-profit Survivor Corps organization, said she’s getting similar reports from other long-haulers.

Her group of about 160,000 people links COVD survivors with information.

In her own unscientific poll of nearly 700 long-haulers and their experience with the vaccine, Berrent found 39% reported their symptoms improved afterward.

“Anywhere from mild symptom (improvement) to complete resolution of symptoms,” she said. “We can’t say that about anything to date.”

Berrent said not everyone polled had the same result: 46% of long-haulers had no change in symptoms after the vaccine and 15% said symptoms worsened.

While more research is needed, it gives long-haulers like Neff hope.

“I still feel pretty good and so in another two to three weeks I’ll hopefully get the second one,” she said.

In February, the National Institutes of Health announced it would spend more than $1.1 billion over four years to study the effects of long-term COVID-19.

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