Jonesboro neighborhoods prep for another possible round of flooding

Homeowner says the city is not doing enough for her neighborhood

Jonesboro prepares for potential flooding

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The potential threat of severe weather comes with the threat of flooding.

Officials with the city of Jonesboro said they are doing everything within their budget to reduce flooding, but one homeowner who lives in the Hilltop area is claiming it’s not enough.

On Wednesday, the city installed a cross drain on Strawfloor Drive in Jonesboro. This will create more exits for rainfall.

Director of Communications, Bill Campbell, said the city’s ditches are cleaned and ready to go. He says the biggest issue the city sees is clogged drainage ditches in neighborhoods.

Homeowner Angela Williams says last week, her neighborhood in Hilltop flooded.

“With this last flooding incident that we had, three properties were completely submerged in water with the water almost entering the homes,” said Williams. “Outbuildings had water in them. We’ve had damage to driveways, trees that need to be cut because roots are now exposed.”

She says she has to make preparations herself.

“We have been battling flooding in this area for about six years. The cleanup process between storms is long and tedious,” said Williams. “So, we’ve for some areas where the water likes to drain that is covered in debris, we’ve got to get cleaned up this afternoon before the rain tomorrow.”

Williams said the main issue is the city will not upgrade the Hilltop area drainage system. She says the neighborhood has reached out to the mayor and city council members several times.

Campbell says there is only so much the city can do because the delta is flat, and a large area of Jonesboro homes are in flood-prone areas.

He said the best solution is to have flood insurance and do your part to keep ditches clear.

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