Dozens come out to Cars and Coffee Jonesboro

Dozens come out to Cars and Coffee Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Dozens of people came out for Cars and Coffee Jonesboro on Saturday. People showed off their sports cars while sipping on some coffee.

The XLR8 Motor Squad group hosted the free event.

Event organizer Jason Alcorn says the event is a great way to meet others in the community while supporting local businesses.

“Well, I noticed a lot of people were kind of bored around the community, and we didn’t have much to do. I have a nice car. There are a lot of other nice cars, so I figured let’s start a car club. Let’s see if we can build a car club here,” said Alcorn.

Alcorn says the pandemic has been rough, and they hope their group will give people an outlet to have some fun.

“Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic still, it’s still important to be together with the community and try to help one another out however you can,” said Alcorn. “Even if it’s something as small as giving someone something to do on the weekends to come out and not be so bored, cooped up in the house. Every little bit helps.”

He says that all events are family-friendly.

The next event will raise money for charity on Friday, April 2, from 5-7 p.m. at Local Tire and Wheel, 1518 S. Caraway Rd., Jonesboro, AR 72401.

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