City may have higher water bills after upgraded water tower and meters

City may have higher water bills after upgraded water tower and meters

TYRONZA, Ark. (KAIT) - Tyronza citizens may start to see an increase in the price of their water bills.

The city received a loan for over $190,000 to upgrade its water tower and install electronic water meters.

Mayor Charles Glover said that the city is losing money and pumping more water than they’re billing. The new system will read water usage more accurately.

Glover says the upgrade is long overdue and is especially needed during winter storms like the ones we saw in February.

“We can tell if there’s a leak. We can spot it instantly, which would have been a real big deal back when we had the ice and snow because we had several people with burst pipes, and they didn’t know about it for several days,” Glover said. “Well, if we would have had our electronic water meters, we could have caught it then, called them, and said, look, you’ve got some burst pipes.”

Glover says this will help them to help citizens spot leaks and avoid losing excess water.

The loan comes from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Commission, which is distributing over $59 million to various cities across Arkansas.

The loan will have to be paid back by the city.

Glover says they will start renovating the water tower within the next couple of weeks. They hope to begin the water meter project during the summer and completed it by the fall.

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