How to protect your plants from freezing temperatures

How to protect your plants from freezing temperatures
While Bill's Berries will be fine, gardeners will have to prepare for the freezing temperatures. (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With all of Region 8 under a freeze warning Thursday and Friday, those of you who went ahead and planted your Spring gardens might face trouble.

Matthew Davis, the staff chair of the Jackson County Extension Office, warns that while established farms like Bill’s Berries are already equipped to deal with the freeze, many homeowners are not.

“You’re going to need to cover these plants up,” Davis said. “There’s nothing really you can do. You can’t put the Sun or heat lamp on them through the freeze, so you just need to keep them covered up and keep them fresh.”

Davis said the best options are to cover up flowers and vegetables with bed sheets or cardboard boxes if they can’t be brought inside.

Davis says straw and hay work as well, but they are a bit messier.

The best advice Davis says is to wait until late April to plant, that’s normally when freezing temperatures end.

For more information or assistance, contact your local extension office.

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