Church prepares for Easter during pandemic

Church Prepares for Easter Services

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With Easter Sunday approaching, churches are preparing to handle large crowds safely.

Nettleton Baptist Church has been slowly working to get to the point where they can conduct in-person Easter services.

The church plans not to have a mask requirement, so more people are encouraged to come.

However, they will plan to keep social distancing guidelines in place to ensure the safety of members and their guests.

In the event the sanctuary gets overcrowded, Pastor Brady Canright has a contingency plan in place.

“We’ve got overflow space that we can throw our worship service on TV’s and we have extra rooms on our campus – I know we did that in the early stage of the pandemic,” said Pastor Canright. “We’ve got a youth space and a college space that we can put people into.”

Canright added that he does not anticipate it would get to that point, given the church will conduct two services on Sunday.

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