Groups collaborate to help Arkansas renters stay in their home

Groups collaborate to help Arkansas renters stay in their home
(Source: Live 5 News)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT) - Evictions continue across Arkansas despite a moratorium blocking evictions until June 30, according to renter advocacy groups.

Two groups are going around the state trying to inform renters of the CDC’s recent eviction moratorium extension.

Arkansas Renters United and the Democratic Party of Arkansas say they have knocked on 14,000 doors statewide, and they’ve intervened in more than 130 evictions.

“These declaration forms have been the only thing standing between some renters and complete homelessness. After all, 13 percent of renters in the state of Arkansas -- that is 86,000 people -- are behind on their rent.” Billy Cook, vice president of colleges for Young Democrats of Arkansas, told KATV.

According to Cook, they have created the Eviction Intervention Program to challenge evictions. The groups are also concerned about living standards in the state as Arkansas is the only state in the United States with no minimum habitability standard.

Two bills are going through the legislature to try and fix the problem.

One bill is sponsored by Rep. Jimmy Gazaway (R-Paragould) and the other by Sen. Jonathan Dismang (R-Beebe).

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