Church hosts Easter service with no mask requirements or social distancing

Church hosts Easter service with no mask requirements or social distancing

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Several people went to Easter services on Sunday, one of the busiest days of the year for churches.

That has some wondering, what do services look like now that Gov. Asa Hutchinson lifted the mask mandate? Kingdom Nation Church in Jonesboro had a full house, and masks were optional.

Last year, the church canceled its Easter service because of the pandemic. On Sunday, the church was packed with every seat occupied.

Pastor Carlos Turner says it’s harder to maintain a social distance in a smaller church, especially during busier services.

“Well, it depends on the atmosphere, it depends on the church size, it depends on how many people that come. Typically, when you’re dealing with a ministry that’s large, it’s easier for them to do social distancing; however, in a church of this caliber, it’s kinda difficult,” said Turner.

The church provided free masks at the door, but no one is required to wear one.

“We want to make sure the atmosphere is safe for everybody, but we also don’t want to limit to keep people away from praising God freely,” said Turner.

He says he respects people’s choice to get the vaccine but hopes as more people get it, church services can start to get back to normal. He hopes church services can continue to start to look “more normal.”

According to CDC guidance, people can gather inside without a mask if everyone is fully vaccinated. If anyone is not vaccinated, social distancing and masks are crucial to stop the spread.

The medical community is still monitoring variants and urges people to hold safe gatherings over the holiday, so we don’t see a spike in cases after Easter.

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