Church devastated after Easter fire

Easter fire destroys Lake City church

LAKE CITY, Ark. (KAIT) - A fire destroyed the inside of Revived Church of God in Lake City on Sunday. Now, church leaders said Tuesday they’re looking for a new building.

“You can replace things, stuff like that, but you can’t replace people, and so we were very fortunate and blessed that we weren’t inside the church when it happened,” said youth pastor Wendy Roedel.

She said their Easter service went as planned, but then they got a call that made their hearts sink.

“We had our first Easter dinner since COVID. We hadn’t been able to get together, and so we get here, and it’s going up. The fire department is here. They’re trying to get it out,” said Roedel.

Fire Chief Chris Snyder confirmed the fire happened around 2:45 pm. He said it’s close to a total loss.

The cause remains under investigation, but the department thinks it started with a grass fire in the yard next door that traveled to the back of the church, then the roof.

For the church family, the loss of their place to gather and worship hit them hard.

“It’s been really devastating for everybody, the pastor, and the whole church,” Roedel said. “They have been pastoring here for a little over 20 years, and so it really made an impact on our lives, and it just really affected us.”

But, Roedel added that things could have been much worse.

“We could have easily still been there. Could have been in the church. But God made sure that we wouldn’t be in there and that we were safe and sound,” said Roedel.

Church members ask for prayers and are accepting donations. Right now, they are searching for a new location to rent or rebuild.

For more on how to donate, call 870-316-6550.

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