Littering and vandalism cause problems at Legacy Park

Littering and vandalism cause problems at Legacy Park

BONO, Ark. (KAIT) - Bono’s Legacy Park is in time-out in an attempt to stop littering and vandalism.

Mayor Danny Shaw decided to take the rims off of the park’s basketball goals mid-last week, saying that the problems are primarily present at the court.

“The other day, we came out, and there was trash everywhere, and someone had dispensed a can of cheese onto the picnic table, and I just said enough is enough,” Shaw said.

The park is only a few years old and has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in it already. To protect the investment, Shaw is ready to face off against potential vandals with full force.

“We’re going to be watching,” Shaw said. “And if we catch anyone doing vandalism in our parks or anywhere in town, it’s going to be to the fullest extent of the law that we punish them.”

Shaw confirmed late Monday that he is planning to put the rims back on the basketball goals at some point this week, barring no further littering or vandalism.

He also discussed plans for the park, including a safe house and a splash pad.

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