“Show-Me ID App” detects fake IDs to crack down on underage drinking

“Show-Me ID App” detects fake IDs to crack down on underage drinking
The app checks for fake IDs. (Source: Isabelle Hanson/KFVS)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A new app can detect fake ID’s in seconds.

It’s one way Missouri’s Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control hopes to crack down on underage drinking while driving to make the roads safer for all drivers.

“Just having it right there at your fingertips is perfect,” said Parker Bond, a bartender and sales representative at Cask in Cape Girardeau. “I definitely think it’d be helpful, especially in times where you’re really busy and you’re having to riffle through a lot of IDs.”

Missouri’s Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control partnered with the Missouri Department of Transportation to launch the app for free. Workers at bars, restaurants, and stores can scan an ID, and seconds later, the app determines if it is fake or real.

They can also type in a birthday to check if the ID has been altered.

“The idea is that this really makes it easier for the person, the clerk, the cashier, to verify it,” said Mike O’Connell, Spokesman for Missouri’s Divison of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

According to O’Connell, there’s a problem with underage people using fake IDs in the state and across the country.

Plus, using a fake ID to drink underage could lead to serious consequences.

“They can wind up killing somebody or injuring somebody else if they’re driving who’s in the other car that they hit. So, alcohol continues to be the most misused substance that leads to death and injuries among teenagers,” he said.

With or without the app, Bond said serving people responsibly comes with his job.

“It’s a communal responsibility for everyone who serves alcohol to obey the law, keep people from driving drunk, especially underage,” said Bond.

As of April 5, O’Connell said the app has been downloaded 610 times total since its release last week. It’s free on the App Store or Google Play.

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