Jonesboro police reflect on new policy

Jonesboro police reflect on new policy

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With the trial of Derek Chauvin dominating national headlines, Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott looked back on his reaction to the death of George Floyd.

“It tarnished the badge for police departments across the country,” Elliott said.

JPD was among the first departments in the state to institute a standalone mandate for officers to intervene if they see a colleague acting out of conduct.

”We did the same thing,” Elliott said. “I just felt that it’s important to take this and make it its own policy. Again, it’s written throughout the book, do the right thing. But to make it a standalone.”

Elliott also said that after the tragedy of Floyd’s death happened, he had the entire department go over its policies, no matter how clearly written in order to avoid a similar incident happening in Jonesboro.

Another issue that the department has been facing is its reputation.

Even though Floyd’s death happened almost 800 miles away, JPD is looking to use the trial as a way to strengthen its connection with the community.

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