Riverside to continue virtual learning for 2021-22 school year

High school principal Matt Ziegler sees how the program benefitted some students

Riverside to continue virtual learning for 2021-22 school year
Riverside School District to continue online learning program (Source: KAIT)

LAKE CITY, Ark. (KAIT) - As the first full school year in the pandemic comes to a close, Riverside High School is anticipating continuing its virtual program next year.

Principal Matt Ziegler says things will be different.

“Essentially taking what we learned this year, applying it to next year, and trying to teach our kids virtually,” Ziegler explained.

Ziegler says that Riverside High School was developing a virtual program long before the pandemic hit, but it was not a district-wide thing.

The school will go back to a “limited participation” virtual learning program, only allowing grades 7 – 12 to be eligible.

Ziegler mentions that students who have struggled in the past with virtual learning or have been struggling in the classroom will not be offered that option.

“Students who struggle in person probably are going to continue to struggle virtually if not even struggle worse than they were before,” Ziegler said.

However, the principal believes that those who have extenuating circumstances like having to assist their family, having a part-time job, or taking dual enrollment classes at a local college can benefit greatly from the program.

“Having a little self-motivation, self-drive has allowed them lots of opportunities,” Ziegler said.

Riverside will use a plan to allow students to have some “flexibility” in their school-life balance.

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