Region 8 reacts to Biden executive action on guns

Local reaction to President's gun reform

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - President Biden spoke Thursday for over five minutes on measures he says he is taking to combat gun deaths in America.

But, not everyone is happy about his plans.

“Thomas Jefferson said that I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery,” said Logan Lee, owner of 141 Shooting Range.

The Second Amendment has been argued over for decades. And with the increasing number of mass shootings in America, the flames of debate are only growing stronger.

“The Constitution makes it pretty clear that the right to bear arms should not be infringed,” Lee said.

However, in his remarks Thursday, Biden said he believes otherwise.

“But no amendment - No amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” Biden said. “From the very beginning that the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren’t allowed to have weapons.”

Biden is taking initial measures like extending background checks, as well as putting an end to homemade guns and regulating modifications like stabilizing braces on pistols.

And it’s those measures that have local leaders – like Jonesboro NAACP President Emma Agnew - praising the President.

“Everything was so common sense to me, that I don’t know why people are objecting to it,” Agnew said.

Lee says he believes the best way to combat gun violence is with trained, good people.

“When we talk about violence in this country, it’s very important that we understand that the way to stop a bad guy with a gun is generally a good guy with a gun,” Lee said.

But Agnew disagrees, and says creating legislation is a better option to curbing gun violence.

“I think there’s more that can be done through legislation,” Agnew said. “Because who is to determine who a bad guy with a gun is?”

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