Teachers react to governor signing salary raising bills

Gov. Hutchinson signs bills raising median teacher salary

MARKED TREE, Ark. (KAIT) - With Senate Bill 504 and House Bill 1614 signed into law, teachers at Marked Tree School District said Monday it will improve the education system in the state and will improve teacher retention rates.

“Oh, I’m excited about it. Anything, anything at all that’s going to give teachers more raises, that’s something to be excited about,” Bobbie Pharis, counselor and AP teacher said.

Tyler Permenter, a math teacher, and Pharis both think the law is a step in the right direction.

Raising teachers’ salaries to a competitive wage will make the profession more desirable and ultimately improve school systems.

“The profession as a whole is decreasing dramatically in the people who want to get into it,” Permenter said. “It’s beneficial because we need to try to make that push to bring people back into the field of education.”

The teachers say they work hard, and maybe it’ll all soon pay off.

“Yes, this is just another step to kind of make teachers feel more appreciated for all that they do,” said Pharis.

Pharis adds that teachers are making do with the little that they get, plus the added stress of the pandemic makes their workload more challenging, making getting a raise all the more deserved.

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