Indoor plant sales increase amid pandemic

More people have taken on the hobby of collecting indoor plants during the pandemic.

Indoor plant sales increase amid pandemic

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Posey Peddler saw a sharp increase in indoor plant sales over the past year.

Owner Bridgette Mills-Arnold credits the pandemic and the people’s rising interest in wanting to adopt plants.

“We’ve gone from people who send plants to homes for occasions like sympathy – to people coming in to collect plants for themselves,” said Mills-Arnold.

This is not the first time that adopting indoor plants are a trend; Mills-Arnold says the hobby was popular in the 1970s and has “circled back” as a wallet-friendly activity during the pandemic.

Mills-Arnold added that the high demand for indoor plants is why Posey Peddler orders approximately 5 times more inventory-- causing them to create a separate shop for indoor plants.

“The growers have to increase their inventory as well,” she said.

The Posey Peddler top three best-selling plants are the Fiddle-Leaf Fig, the Monstera, and the Sansevieria.

The owner recommends people should adopt more plants for better mental health.

“You can get a sense of calmness about it and a certain sense of accomplishment,” Mills-Arnold said.

Mills-Arnold plans to start a plant-care subscription service primarily for businesses with plants.

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