Clay County seeing crashes with more farm equipment on roads

Clay County seeing crashes with more farm equipment on roads

CLAY COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - Farmers have been hard at work in their fields this time of the year. Some of you have likely passed farm equipment while driving recently.

Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller says this time of the year, along with harvest season in October, is when he sees farm equipment on the road most often, leading to potentially multiple crashes in a short period of time.

“It’s just inevitable that it’s going to happen,” Miller said. “Hopefully, it’ll be the least amount of damage as possible.”

As cars drove by on State Highway 135 Tuesday, farmers were out working in their fields. In Clay County, sometimes they have to drive on the main highways to get from one piece of land to another.

“They’re all over the place,” Sheriff Miller said. “They’re trying to get their job done as quick as they can.”

For Miller, he’s already worked one crash involving farm equipment this month.

It was on State Highway 135 when a 77-year-old woman struck the right rear corner of a land roller attached to a tractor. Unfortunately, she later died.

Sheriff Miller says accidents like this aren’t too uncommon.

“We’ll have a couple of accidents a year involving farm equipment and personal vehicles,” Miller said. “It’s not uncommon; we expect it every year, unfortunately.”

Sheriff Miller encourages everyone to use extra caution on the road during this time of the year, especially in rural communities and during the evening.

“They don’t want to be on that highway anymore than what you want them on there; they’d rather be out in their fields,” Miller said. “This is the only way that they can move their equipment up and down the road and try to move it as safe as they can. Bear with them. Be expected to slow down and stop.”

For farmers, Sheriff Miller says to be sure your equipment is up to date with state law before driving on the roads, and that includes lighting, especially in the evening hours.

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