County confirming voter registration records through mail

Check your mailbox for important voting information

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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Craighead County Clerk’s office is making sure their registration database is current by mailing a confirmation mailer to your address.

If you receive the blue mailer, you need to confirm your registration address.

The yellow one is a little more serious because it is a cancellation card.

If it is not returned, you may have to re-register to vote in upcoming elections.

“It just simply means again, we did not get a confirmation from the last confirmation mailer and you have not any activity in the last two cycles. So, a combination of those things could produce this yellow card,” says County Clerk Lesli Penny said.

The clerk’s office started sending out mailers about two weeks ago. Right now, 6,000 blue mailers are out.

Penny says a smaller amount of yellow cards out after many residents voted in the recent presidential election.

If you receive a blue or yellow mailer, you can mail those cards in or go straight to the County Clerks office in downtown Jonesboro.

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