Pharmacy sees increase in vaccine hesitancy after pause on Johnson and Johnson

Vaccine hesitancy increased

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The pause on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has left some questioning the safety of other COVID-19 vaccines, with some even canceling their second dose.

The Woodsprings Pharmacy says they’ve had a few people cancel their second dose, and they’ve seen an increase in people more hesitant to receive the vaccine.

Overall, people receiving the vaccine have come to a trickle statewide. People are still coming in, but not at the same rates they once were.

Pharmacist and owner Tony Bari say a lot of the hesitation is due to the common misconception that the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines will harm them.

“Obviously, all the news on J & J vaccine creates a cloud of doubt. It gives us an opportunity as pharmacists to explain all the research that’s gone on behind these vaccines,” said Bari.

Bari says that some people refuse the vaccine altogether due to conspiracy theories. Still, he says to gather the facts and talk to someone in the medical field before jumping to any conclusions about Moderna of Pfizer vaccines.

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