School board terminates teacher accused of taping students to desk

Updated: Apr. 20, 2021 at 11:18 PM CDT
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PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - The Greene County Tech School Board voted in a special board meeting to terminate a teacher after she was accused of taping students to a desk.

“It’s not an easy decision. None of these are easy decisions because you’re affecting people’s lives,” said Greene County Tech Superintendent Gene Weeks.

Weeks provided seven reasons why the teacher should be terminated after reportedly taping two students to a desk.

“We felt like there were definitely some policies violated here, and sometimes you have to back those policies. It’s not pleasant, and we don’t hold any harsh feelings towards anyone,” said Weeks.

We’re learning kindergarten teacher, Sarah Hudson, admitted to her supervisor she taped two male students with Scotch tape on their mid-thigh for under 30 seconds.

Hudson claimed that was a joke asking her supervisor if she should quit, with Hudson saying, “If I were a parent, I would want me to quit.”

While Hudson was defending herself, she demonstrated what she claims she did to the two students.

Hudson said, “I don’t think I was being mean to them, harmful, or hateful. If joking around isn’t allowed anymore, I’d hate to see where our schools are headed.”

Initially, after the incident, one of the students claimed that he was confined to his desk for the remainder of the day, and when he tried to get up, his desk was stuck to his back “like a turtle.” Hudson says this is not true because the tape would have broke if the child tried to get up.

Hudson’s attorney Zach Morrison says they are evaluating their options to appeal to the circuit court of Greene County.

“We respect the decision of the board. Disagree with it, obviously,” Morrison said. “We just feel like this matter has been blown way out of proportion and out of context. This is not what it has been made to be. The world we live in modern-day is a crazy place. Unfortunately, this isn’t the world our grandparents were raised in.”

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