Local distilleries now able to distribute own products

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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Postmaster Spirits hasn’t been around too long, but owner Ross Jones has already made its impact felt throughout the state.

“I called Craig Christensen, our local state representative, and with his help and Jon Chadwell, the EDC in Newport, we were able to write a new law,” Jones said.

The new law is House Bill 1763, which will allow distilleries in the state like Postmasters Spirits to distribute their own products, instead of having to rely on a middleman.

“It’s a new day for us,” Jones said. “We can breathe now.”

Jones struggled with his previous distributor because of his own product.

His most popular of which, Trump Tonic, including a slew of others inspired by political satire, were deemed too controversial by the previous distributor.

“They claimed that we were borderline offensive in our labeling which is the same definition of satire,” Jones said.

And even though Jones is happy about being able to sell his own product outside of his bar, he’s proud of the fact that he and other distilleries across the state were able to unite and make a change that benefits them all.

“We’re all together on this and have been working tirelessly the last several months to get this legislation in front of lawmakers,” Jones said.

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