Jonesboro High School students host vaccine clinic

Women in STEM club make an effort to get students vaccinated at JHS

JHS student group hold vaccine clinic for students

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The ladies in the ‘Women in STEM’ club at Jonesboro High School put in a lot of work to get a vaccination clinic together. They said they did it to be a step closer to getting back to a normal high school life.

The club was started by junior Salma Abdel-Karim.

She and other club members got their vaccine weeks ago and talked about ways to get vaccine clinic information out to other students at JHS.

That is when the vaccine clinic idea came about.

“We really just wanted to maximize the number of JHS teachers and students who receive the vaccine so we can all get back to normal as quick as possible and get everyone back in school,” says Abdel-Karim.

After club members made flyers to hang around the school and had sign-ups during the morning announcements for a couple of weeks, they prepared for the day.

About 70 students and their family members showed up to get the vaccine at St. Bernards in Jonesboro.

Now, students are looking toward a more normal future at school.

“After everyone gets their second dose, I hope everyone feels safe and feel confident that they can go back to school, without being scared of getting sick with all the people there. And we get back to normal and see as many smiling faces under the mask,” says Bella Kattaviravong, a senior at JHS.

Abdel-Karim mentioned that they hope to have more vaccine clinics for students in the future.

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