Piggott to name stadium after Hunter Midkiff, family creates scholarship fund

Piggott to rename stadium after Hunter Midkiff, family creates scholarship fund

PIGGOTT, Ark. (KAIT) - Piggott will name their football stadium ‘Hunter Midkiff Memorial Stadium,’ starting this upcoming season.

Midkiff, who would have been a senior during the 2021 season, died after suffering an extreme heatstroke during a practice in August 2020.

Now, the family and community are banding together to honor Hunter, from his teammates wearing his number 56 on each helmet, to his family making and selling buttons and bracelets, and now, creating a brand new scholarship fund in his honor.

“If anybody knew Hunter, they knew he was all about his family, friends, and this school and this community,” John Midkiff, Hunter’s father, said.

John said creating the fund was all about continuing Hunter’s legacy.

“We wanted some way to keep his legacy living throughout this school and community for years to come,” Midkiff said. “For people to stop and be able to ask the question, ‘who was Hunter Midkiff?’”

The family plans to raise money by hosting events like golf tournaments. Some of the money will be awarded in the form of a scholarship to a senior classmate of Hunter’s this year.

John said the fund and the naming of the stadium are a huge honor.

“That’s something he’d be proud of and that’s something that makes us proud of who he was,” Midkiff said. “Anybody that knows Hunter and how he felt about this field, his brothers out here, and this school, he’s smiling ear to ear.”

While the stadium will be called ‘Hunter Midkiff Memorial Stadium,’ the field will still be called ‘Parker Field.’

As Hunter’s 17th birthday approaches, family, friends, and the community will celebrate who Hunter was with an event on the field on Tuesday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m. The event is open to the public.

The family says anyone can donate to the Hunter Midkiff scholarship fund at any First National Bank location.

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