Branson approves ordinance allowing food truck courts

A new food truck court will be located at in the middle of the parking lot at the Branson...
A new food truck court will be located at in the middle of the parking lot at the Branson Meadows Shopping Center in Branson. One business has already expressed interest in the project.(Source: KY3)
Published: Apr. 24, 2021 at 4:17 PM CDT
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BRANSON, Mo. (KAIT/KY3) - The city of Branson will soon have its first food truck court following an ordinance passed earlier this month. One local group is ready to jump at the opportunity.

According to a report from KY3, the new food truck court will be located in the middle of the parking lot at the Branson Meadows Shopping Center.

The President of the Branson Academy for the Advancement of Music and Theatre, Bob Nichols, is behind the project. He’s excited to bring a new variety of food to one central location. Bob Nichols said they plan to have four to 12 food trucks in the center of the Branson Meadows Shopping Center.

“There’s a beautiful sidewalk, landscaping, shade trees, bell tower, we will have live music of course because we are the music industry,” Bob Nichols said.

Nichols said this location will be convenient for the many businesses that line Gretna Road in Branson.

“Those businesses look for lunches every day and every lunch spot in this area is completely packed especially around that hour, but beyond that there’s a lot of tourist traffic up and down Gretna Road and on State Highway 248,” Nichols said.

He said they want to provide a wide variety of options for people as well.

“Shaved ice, Mexican, taco truck, burgers and dogs, barbecue, Asian food,” Nichols said.

The goal is to not duplicate the type of food they provide.

“We want to make sure you don’t pull in to an entire sea of hamburgers or a sea of barbecue, the idea is to provide a little something for everybody’s taste to continue to attract people in here day after day,” Nichols said.

Branson visitor Tom Davis said he and his wife go to the Branson Meadows Shopping Center when they’re in town and think a food truck court would be a great addition.

“I would love it because it would give us a different variety of food and it’d be quick and it’s always fun to have something different, make the trip really nice,” Tom Davis said.

Davis said he’d like to see different types of food provided.

“Asian, Oriental my son loves the Gyros those would be great, things like that I think it would be fantastic,” Davis said.

Nichols said in addition to food trucks there will be a farmers market and they hope to open in the middle of May.

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