Mom balances managing restaurant while caring for baby with rare condition

Mom balances managing restaurant while caring for baby with rare condition

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A mother remains strong even though she has a lot on her plate. She’s balancing managing her restaurant Roots in Jonesboro while taking care of a child with special needs.

“It takes a toll on you. I’m not going to lie. The whole situation is just a lot to process,” said mother Paula Lowe.

Her son Logan has been in a Memphis hospital since birth.

“I was at a situation at home where I almost lost him, and I think that was just the last experience I have to go through to realize that we cannot waste time. Like wasting time for us is wasting life,” said Lowe.

Logan was born in December with Moebius, a rare neurological disorder that has no cure affecting two to 20 cases per million births, according to the Moebius Syndrome Foundation.

“Once he was born, they immediately knew something was wrong,” said Lowe.

Every case is different, but for Logan, it means he has facial paralysis, a hole in his heart, can’t swallow, has to breathe using a ventilator, cannot move his eyes, along several other issues. Logan is expected to stay on the ventilator for the next few years.

“There’s the ventilator. That helps him breathe slower. For example, for us to breathe like a deep breath, he can’t, so he was breathing into the 100′s or 130 times a minute, so it would be like us running a marathon,” said Lowe.

Paula says that his medical expenses are high.

“It’s unfortunate that monetary issues are something that you always have to be thinking about on the back burner,” said Lowe.

Her friends set up a GoFundMe page, which has raised over $11,000 so far.

“I have never seen something like that. They changed his life. Like they made an imprint on his life that I cannot be more thankful enough,” said Lowe.

Paula has advice for families in the same situation.

“Just make the best out of it. I just came to the terms that here is the place he needs to be, even though it breaks my heart. His door is shut all the time. He should be home,” said Lowe.

She says to cherish each day.

“So always love them. It doesn’t matter how long he was meant to be here. Every day counts,” said Lowe.

Paula says the first few years of life for those with Moebius are the worst, but Logan is expected to have a normal life expectancy.

Paula is hopeful that once he gets off the ventilator and goes through speech and physical therapy, he’ll have a relatively happy and normal life.

“Just take one step at a time. As long as we keep doing the things we’re supposed to, having the care he needs, he’ll be fine,” said Lowe.

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