Stoddard Co. gets new severe weather warning system

Using new tech for weather warnings

DEXTER, Mo. (KFVS) - Emergency Management Agencies across the Heartland pay close attention to severe weather threats and in Stoddard County, new technology helps them better inform the public when storms hit.

”We really hope to provide more pre-warning for our residents and allow them more time to take shelter,” EMA Director, Andrew Bohnert said.

According to Bohnert, they’ve got a new system to do just that. It’s called a radar omega system, and he said it will save families precious time when severe weather hits.

“We estimate maybe between 5 to 10 minutes more extra warning time with this system,” he said.

The system includes cameras and weather stations installed across the county.

“The six sites are Advance, Bloomfield, Dexter, Dudley, Puxico and Essex and the mobile vehicle is based out of Bernie,” he said.

He said, right now, you’ll only find this system in Stoddard County.

“They’re looking to expand across the U.S., but we are their pilot and demonstration location for their services,” he said.

Bohnert said the cameras give them a better view of incoming storms.

Stoddard County resident Debbie Morgan said the new system give her better peace of mind. “I think it’s a great step forward and gives us a sense of security when it comes to inclement weather and dangerous weather.”

“Just being able to know what the current ground conditions are is definitely a stress reliever being able to provide accurate information for us and being able to trigger the sirens at appropriate time,” Bohnert said.

Bohnert said he’ll meet with the company in the coming months to give feedback on the new system.

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