Summer food program will benefit kids in Arkansas

Summer food program will benefit kids in Arkansas

HARRISBURG, Ark. (KAIT) - More cash is coming to students to fight food insecurity this summer. The Biden Administration is set to launch the largest summer food program in U.S. history.

Eligible low-income families will receive roughly $375 per child to spread out over ten weeks during the summer. That’s about $7 to spend per child, per weekday.

The money comes from the Pandemic EBT Program.

Harrisburg Superintendent Chris Ferrell says he grew up in a low-income household and says he knows the importance of offering kids plenty of food resources.

Ferrell says he’s more than eager for his students to receive assistance. He says that the help should never be looked at as “handouts” but rather “hand-ups.”

“I’m a product of the Arkansas Delta, so I understand first-hand the needs that go on in the Delta,” Ferrell said. “Some school districts have summer feeding programs on-site a lot of them are not able to take advantage of that, or they do not have an opportunity, either through travel issues or other things.”

Ferrell adds that the funds will benefit kids who are often missed by giving the money to their guardians to purchase food.

Students are eligible for the money if they receive free or reduced lunches or those under the age of six whose families receive food stamps.

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