New indoor soccer league launching in the Mid-South

Indoor soccer league coming to Mid-South

SOUTHAVEN, MISS. (WMC) - A new soccer league is launching in the Mid-South with a team that was connected to Memphis 40 years ago.

The National Indoor Soccer League (NISL) is kicking things off in Southaven.

“People my age and older can remember going to those games as a kid, maybe. Now, they’ve got kids or grandkids and it’s like hey, let’s recreate those memories again,” said Andrew Haines, executive board member of the NISL and co-owner of the Memphis Americans.

The Memphis Americans originally played in the Mid-South Coliseum in the 80s. A new version of the team will play at the Landers Center.

This new generation is something that soccer legend and former Memphis American player, Kyle Rote, is happy to see.

“I’ve been put in the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame because of my commitment to the game and some of the performance there, and I’m so glad that we are going to have another aspect of soccer here in Memphis,” said Rote.

The league will start off with teams in four different cities in the Southeast U.S.

Games are set to start near the end of the year. Teams will compete in a 24-game regular season. Each city will have both men’s and women’s teams.

“Men’s players are not making more than the women’s. It’s equal across the board. We have the same budget for both teams,” said Haines.

Not only do those involved with the NISL hope to inspire young athletes, but they also hope the community enjoys the entertainment that the sport brings.

“Get a doubleheader every time you come to this arena; you’re going to get men’s game ,you get a ladies game, and you get to celebrate both,” said Rote.

Season tickets are on sale now at

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