Trucking companies looking at driver shortage

Local company explains their need
Local effects of truck driver shortage
Updated: Apr. 29, 2021 at 8:43 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Trucking companies across the country are being hit with a big issue - no drivers to drive their trucks, but this issue is larger than just the company.

An official with a local trucking company said Thursday he would hire the reporter who interviewed him right now, showing how badly he needs more drivers.

We see trucks on the road every day taking products to and from their destinations.

If more drivers do not get behind the wheel, prices may go up and products may be harder to find.

Doug Bray owns Bray Trucking.

“From what I see, from my point of view is that the truck driving shortage has a lot to do with the insurance,” says Bray.

He says the number of qualified applications he receives continues to drop.

“At any given time, I have two trucks sitting still and I look at that, I’m losing revenue. Because there is a truck sitting still,” adds Bray.

Bray says the shortage could not only impact him, but the companies they deliver to could feel it as well.

“Some of our vendors I’ve heard, reps and drivers, talking about driver shortages and issues with scheduling because they didn’t have drivers to cover trucks,” says Tim Pratt, store manager of Jordan’s Kwik Stop #31.

Pratt said he hasn’t seen too much of a difference lately but he is nervous that the effects will show soon and if they do.

“It would be devastating, we wouldn’t be able to get product. Which relates to lost sales which means lost profits and it would hurt,” says Pratt.

After speaking with staff at the Truck Driver Training program at ASU Newport, they told me they have had multiple calls from companies needing drivers immediately.

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