Small community suffers big damage from storms

Small community suffers big damage from storms

MANSON, Ark. (KAIT) - Located just off Highway 67, the Manson community is cleaning up.

For the Burgess family, early morning storms could’ve ended in tragedy.

The family’s youngest daughter left her room just before 2 a.m. Seconds later, debris came crashing in.

None of them were injured, but they have been displaced.

The storm damaged their bedrooms, bathrooms, and ceiling.

Next to the house, the storm ripped a workshop off its foundation.

Pocahontas native Allen Sharp found himself in a similar position, with his body shop just down the road, destroyed.

“Well it was all put up you know?” Sharp said. “We didn’t have the metal on it or anything but it just took it plum down to the concrete.”

Sharp is salvaging what materials he can.

Across the small Manson community, trees and power lines blocked off roads.

A massive tree toppled over at one house and narrowly missed colliding with the building.

Everyone was okay, and the house suffered only minor, aesthetic damage.

It’s another hit for the community, who are no strangers to severe weather.

“I just hate it for everybody,” Sharp said. “You know, clean up and everything. We’ve had a lot of floods around here. It’s just tough. It has been for a few years.”

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