Virtual teaching adds skills to teachers’ tool belts

Updated: Jun. 4, 2021 at 6:24 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Virtual teachers from one Heartland school district have new skills to use when they return to the classroom.

“I’m now capable of anything,” said Shannon Clubb, who taught first grade virtually this past school year.

Now, Clubb’s back to teaching in-person for summer school after a year of seeing students on a computer screen.

“We were pretty much building the airplane as we flew it this year. It was pretty intense, and it was such a team effort,” she said.

Clubbs and virtual teacher, Tara Bova, said they learned lessons and new skills while teaching virtually that will serve students in the years to come.

“We became so much of a family than before. I thought before I was able to have connections with our families, but this year more than ever, we’ve had to have huge connections, so I think that was big,” said Tova Bova, who taught third grade virtually this past school year.

“I know how to adapt lessons, on the fly, more quickly, try to meet all of their needs, with limitations, because not everything would translate to virtual that I would normally do in the classroom,” said Clubb.

And the virtual students’ learning didn’t fall short either.

“The best part of virtual learning is doing math,” said Noah Pullam, a first grade student.

“It’s fun having to actually work your mind,” said Caleb Schmitt, a first grade student.

But the students said they prefer in-person school.

“I like in-person, because you get to spend time with your friends, and you get to learn a lot,” said Charley Hazelwood, a first grade student.

“Everything is a little bit harder and funner and also you get to play with your friends,” said Noah Pullam.

“I’m really excited to send these virtual kids back into in-person, because they’re going to be the role models and help out all kids who have technology problems. They’re going to be able to answer those questions really quick,” said Clubb.

“From this year though, we gained so many valuable tools that are just going to be very helpful in the classroom,” said Bova.

“I don’t think I will connect with another class as close as I did with this one. Because I was in their house every day,” said Clubb.

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