Traffic patterns are changing in West Memphis

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 6:02 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - ArDOT and the City of West Memphis are working together to ease the traffic flow going on the I-55 bridge.

Traffic patterns will start to change in West Memphis, with I-55 southbound will be reduced to one lane.

Officials say I-40 going east already goes down to one lane, but now exits ramps on 7th and Ingram will be closed to that traffic.

Dave Parker, public information officer for ArDOT, says they are hoping these changes help keep drivers moving.

“There will be reduced ways to get on and off. Again in hopes of reducing those choke points and let the flow of traffic from 40 into 55 and then 55 over into Memphis at an easier pace,” says Parker.

ArDOT said Wednesday they are seeing a lot of the congestion happening at entrance and exit points so they are taking some of them out.

The owner of a trucking company said Wednesday that he was not too sure it will help.

“It’ll probably lighten up some, but that’s only going to be to an extent to where it’s still not going to be productive in the long run until it’s fully functional. I don’t see the value to it if it’s not all the way open,” says Marcus Lay, owner of Layway Transportation.

ArDOT says this will really only affect drivers going west to east. It will not speed up the flow very much, but keep it at a steady pace instead of that stop and go.

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