Neighborhood voices frustration over flooding issues

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 8:26 PM CDT
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PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - Heavy rain led to flash flooding across Paragould on Monday.

One man says that his neighborhood experiences this problem after changes made by the city a few years ago.

“We’ve had places flood today that we’ve never had issues with before.” said Terry McAbee, the director of Paragould Public Works.

However, the flooding on 33 1/2 Street is precedented.

“It did not flood to this extent, until they placed the piping in there and reduced the flow of the water.” said Thomas McCaffery, a homeowner on the street called Region 8 News.

The area’s ditch that previously worked fine is now causing neighbors troubles after people on another road wanted tiles installed, making the ditch thinner and thus making it less effective to control rainwater.

“I just called the mayors office. I called city council, they’ve been here previously before,” McCaffery said. “I advised them of this problem, but the problem won’t get fixed until places like yourself put it on the news and say, ‘Hey this is the problem’.”

McAbee said that Paragould Public Works had received complaint calls all day, but not a single one came from 33 1/2 Street, so he encourages those who are having problems to call Public Works first.

“If I had a complaint, I’d call Public Works first,” McAbee said. “Because if you call the mayor’s office, they’re going to have to get a hold of somebody else, or if you call whoever you get ahold of. If you call here it’ll come straight to one of us, and we can go out and check it out.”

McAbee said that he plans to send workers out to the area to reassess and look for potential solutions.

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