‘Predator Pursuer’ banned from local business

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 6:18 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - “Pursuing justice,” that’s how a Jonesboro native describes his youtube channel, Predator Pursuer.

“And as I turned 18 I had the camera a car,” he said. “I have three younger sisters and just knowing that I can do something to catch local predators. I figure I use my resources and try to do something to catch them.”

The YouTuber wanted to stay anonymous, but he wants the people he meets to be seen and held accountable.

He spoke with multiple people online and then moved it to in-person by scheduling meetings with them at different locations in Jonesboro.

He videoed it and then put it on his youtube channel.

He got the idea after seeing others on youtube doing the same type of videos.

But even with no training, he continued to make the videos for months.

“I had no idea of what to say. I kind of had an idea. Like how old are you,” he said. “I could kind of write down ideas beforehand and prep some things.”

With almost a dozen videos reaching thousands of viewers... He started to get compensated.

“Not a lot, just a few hundred maybe. I’m not making big money,” said the YouTuber.

But he says the money goes all back into his filming.

The Jonesboro Police Department told us they spoke with him about the dangers of doing this with no training, but he says he does the meetings in public as a safety measure.

“If it’s public and there is cameras I think they are less likely to react in a crazier way than they already would,” he said.

He stopped filming after being banned from a local business and noticing more risks.

He wants to start back but is looking for more support.

“But yea I would like to continue if I could get more people backing me up with it, yes,” he said.

The local business that banned him sent this statement.

Statement from Hijinx Game Night Reinvented regarding the ban of a local Youtuber. 
Statement from Hijinx Game Night Reinvented regarding the ban of a local Youtuber. His identity is not being disclosed.(KAIT)

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