Teens respond to reports of Instagram being toxic

Published: Oct. 5, 2021 at 6:33 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Most of us pick up our phones several times a day and scroll on social media. For teens, a life with social media is all they know.

So how is that affecting them mentally.

Instagram is one of the top apps used by teens. According to the Wall Street Journal, recent reports show that Facebook knows that Instagram is toxic, especially for their teen girl users.

“I’m on social media a lot. I am not afraid to admit it,” said Chloe Reed, senior at Nettleton High School.

Chloe Reed and Kennedy Baker are seniors at Nettleton high school.

They said there are some positive aspects that come from using the app.

“Advertise, like if you have a business. I know a couple of girls that have a couple of businesses started,” said Baker.

She also said the app helps connect long-distance friends and family.

However, the two said there are some cons.

“Sometimes girls feel like they need to look a certain way. Seeing that on social media every day doesn’t make you feel good sometimes,” said Reed.

They shared how their peers obsess over the amount of interaction they get on a single post.

When I brought up the reports of Instagram being toxic for their age group, they quickly agreed.

“A lot of people are obsessed with how many likes they get on posts, comments, and who follows them and who doesn’t. It is toxic in a way,” said Reed.

Amy Reed is a social worker for Nettleton High School. She said over her 22-year tenure she’s seen how social media magnifies insecurities for some girls.

“A lot of girls they see it, whether it be a celebrity, a YouTuber they follow, a peer they see you know,” said Amy Reed. “They want to maybe copy that, mirror that.”

She said she always encourages students that have problems involving social media to talk face to face or over the phone.

She said there are many misunderstandings that happen behind the screen.

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