Leaders request study for Greene County intersection

Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 9:26 PM CDT
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PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - Residents and leaders are looking for ways to make an intersection in Greene County safer for drivers.

After speaking with several people the options are limited on what can be done to make the intersection where Highway 358 and the 412 bypasses cross safer.

According to the Paragould Police Department, 13 crashes happened at this intersection since the opening of the bypass last year.

Friday was the first fatal crash.

Right now, leaders are looking at two causes aspects causing the crashes, distracted driving and safety measures.

Brad Snyder, a captain with PPD, spoke about safety measure options to prevent future crashes.

He said stopping distracted driving and speeding is the concern now.

“And when you factor in speed on top of that mass, that weight bad things can happen,” said Snyder. “So, we want to prevent as many car crashes as we can prevent. Whether it be through speed enforcement or distracted driving enforcement.”

He said the intersection already has red warning lights, large-stop signs, reflective poles, and advance notice signs.

Resident Keith Milligan told me a few options that came to mind to make him feel safer entering the intersection.

“Rubble strips, additional paint, some have said just a caution light and a stoplight,” he said.

Milligan lives feet away from where the Friday fatal crash happened. He said he worries about everyone’s safety that passes through that area.

“If we were all so cautious when we pull up here. We look to our left. We look to our right. Then we turn around and look one more time,” said Milligan.

Snyder said the department urges drivers to be more cautious in that area.

“What we would caution people and urge people to do is to make sure when they are operating a vehicle to make sure they are paying attention,” said Snyder.

State Representative Jimmy Gazaway said a study has been requested for this intersection.

The study will assess if more safety measures are needed and what those would look like.

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