Social media threats can lead to charges, impacts school day

Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 8:10 PM CST
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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - Another social media threat placed Blytheville High and Middle Schools on lockdown Monday morning.

With schools and police seeing an uptick in threats, Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson warns students and parents posting the threats can lead to serious consequences.

“If someone thinks it’s harmless or a victimless crime, it’s not.” Chief Thompson said. “Even as a juvenile you can be punished-- actually incarcerated for it and charged with a felony.”

This is the second social media threat that has occurred in the Blytheville School District within a month.

Police have not figured out who is responsible for posting the threat.

Two Blytheville teachers say they remained calm when they received word about the threat.

8th-grade teacher Susie Oneal said she monitored the office during the first half of the day since she didn’t have to teach during the time.

“We were to make sure all students were in the classroom and secure and follow up with the office as to what we need to do for the morning,” Oneal said.

Oneal added Blytheville Middle School and the district administration do a good job in communicating when situations like this particular one occur.

7th-grade teacher Zin Ali mentioned the teachers set an example for the students, so it’s imperative they do not give off any sense of panic.

“We as adults have to remain logical when we’re thinking ahead about what is going on in the building,” 7th-grade teacher Zin Ali said.

Ali mentioned she helped ease her students’ minds by going deeper into her lesson on Monday about bullying.

“Keeping their minds off of what is going around us and more or less let’s talk and discuss things that are going on in the classroom.”

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