Southern Stone County Fire Protection District using LUCAS devices for cardiac arrest incidents

Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 3:42 PM CST
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BRANSON WEST, Mo. (KY3) -The Southern Stone County Fire Protection District has new devices to better save people during cardiac arrest.

Firefighters say the LUCAS devices are a game-changer, allowing them to perform compression during cardiac arrest faster and more effectively.

“Prior to having these devices what we would do is just manual CPR so a rotation through all the firefighters, EMS personnel on scene, law enforcement jumped in to help us,” said Southern Stone County Fire Lieutenant Dylan Honea.

Honea says with limited manpower, cardiac arrest situations can be very stressful and demanding on first responders, sometimes taking six to eight people on the scene to have effective CPR. The new LUCAS devices can help. Once the device is set up it will start doing the work for them.

”Once we start the machine and it starts doing chest compressions,” Honea said. “We no longer have to mess with it, unless we’re stopping it to check for a pulse.”

Deputy Chief of Training Mike Moore says if a patient needs to be transported the LUCAS device can stay on them.

“en route to a hospital, they’ll be able to return the device when they come back in their service area,” said Moore.

Honea says the devices provide an added layer of safety for EMS while they’re transporting patients as well.

”Hooking up this device all the healthcare providers in the back of the ambulance can sit down put their seat belt on and still do the rest of their interventions that way, rather than having the chance of someone falling down in the back of an ambulance and getting hurt,” Honea said.

Moore says the fire district is the only emergency service in Stone County that has these devices. The district only has three devices but over time expects to get more.

”We were able to gauge on some statistics that we did whether or not they were going to be worth the money and ultimately it was a better benefit for the citizens in our community to get these devices,” said Honea.

The devices cost $16,000 each. The fire district used revenue from the past year that was above normal expenditures for this purchase.

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