New rule for gun shop owners takes effect soon

Published: Jan. 3, 2022 at 9:01 PM CST
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - New year, new rule. The Department of Justice is making moves to keep firearms safe.

The DOJ is starting this at the local level by requiring that more security is available to gun owners for purchase.

Gary Gibbs has been a gun shop owner for six years. He recently opened Black Iron over in Brookland, and his main concern as a gun shop owner is safety, especially for children.

“Locking the gun up so that kids can’t get to it is a really good idea,” said Gibbs.

The DOJ released a new rule that enhances the current Gun Control Act, requiring federal firearm licensees to have secure gun storage available for all firearms they sell. This expands the current rule, which only requires a store to sell a gun safe or lock.

“That probably is a good thing, because you do have some dealers that don’t have the locks,” Gibbs said. “Most of the manufacturers, the reputable manufacturers, do have trigger locks with the guns when you buy them brand new.”

Gibbs said he’s always carried lock boxes and trigger lots, and he’s excited that it’s being enforced.

“These can attach to the frame around your car, of the seat or you can put it in your house. It’s keyed. There are two keys,” Gibbs said.

The DOJ submitted the new rule to the Federal Register, and it is expected to take effect on Feb. 3.

Other laws involving firearms are also going into effect this year.

In Arkansas, Act 1024 allows a person with a concealed carry license to carry at public colleges and universities as well as in their cars on public parking lots. This takes effect on Jan. 13.

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