Winter road safety: What to do if you get stuck on the roads

During the winter months tow trucks stay extra busy helping drivers get out of messy situations...
During the winter months tow trucks stay extra busy helping drivers get out of messy situations and if you’re not careful you could need their help.(KY3)
Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 4:35 AM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - During the winter months, tow truck drivers stay extra busy helping other drivers get out of messy situations. If you’re not careful you could need their help.

If you have to get out on the roads, give yourself extra time to get to work. Drive slow and leave plenty of space between you and other drivers to avoid a crash. If you do end up sliding off the roads, tow truck drivers say it’s better to call a professional to help you out so you don’t damage your car.

“A lot of cars anymore don’t have places to hook on to like they used to,” said Terry Harden, owner of Terry’s Towing. “People hook on to them and pull things they shouldn’t be pulling on and tearing things up.”

Harden says people will often hook up to the suspension or bumper of a vehicle and tear it out, costing thousands in damages.

If you call a tow truck for assistance, be prepared to wait. Tow truck companies often answer calls as they happen.

If you are driving and you notice a tow truck on the road, show them respect as they help people out.

“Give us space,” said Harden. “The move over laws are in effect. a lot of people still don’t do it. They don’t think about it, they have their telephones in their hands they have their texting they’re not paying attention to what’s going on around them and it really makes it very difficult for everybody.”

Missouri’s Move Over law requires drivers to change lanes, if safe to do so, when approaching MoDOT vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, and any other emergency vehicle with lights flashing. If drivers can’t change lanes safely, they must slow down as they pass the emergency vehicles.

When making your commute make sure to give yourself extra time to make it to your destination. One way to avoid needing assistance is to not use cruise control on slick roads. On very low-traction surfaces such as ice and snow, cruise control operation can cause the car to skid or spin.

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