Nevada mother jailed for attempting to kill newborn, police say

Ashley Hollingsworth, 22, is accused of attempting to kill her newborn baby after she thought...
Ashley Hollingsworth, 22, is accused of attempting to kill her newborn baby after she thought the baby was "evil."(Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)
Published: Apr. 2, 2022 at 2:01 AM CDT
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LAS VEGAS (KOLO/Gray News) - A mother in the Las Vegas area is accused of attempting to kill her newborn baby after she feared her child was “not good” and “probably evil,” according to police.

Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report they were called to the emergency room at Mountain View Hospital overnight on March 27 when a child’s father had brought his newborn baby into the hospital for medical treatment.

The father also notified the hospital that the child’s mother refused to come into the hospital, but she was bleeding profusely, according to police.

Ashley Hollingsworth, 22, was later identified as the child’s mother and officers said they were able to make contact with her at a nearby intersection a couple of hours later.

Investigators learned that Hollingsworth had given birth in a guest bathroom at a relative’s house, where the couple was staying, about an hour before the two went to the hospital with the child.

Hollingsworth told police that on the way to the hospital, something triggered her to make her think that the baby was “probably evil.” According to an arrest report, she attempted to kill the baby twice by wrapping a blanket around the baby’s head and pinching the baby’s nose tight.

The 22-year-old told police that she felt like the baby “would start doing things” and “start making people kill each other.”

The child’s father was also in the car with Hollingsworth when heading to the hospital. He took the baby away from her, according to police.

Once arriving at the hospital, doctors initially believed the newborn may have suffered a brain bleed, but staff later determined the child likely did not suffer any injuries, police said.

A relative spoke to police later that day and told them Hollingsworth was acting abnormally before giving birth and that she mentioned that a devil was inside of her and attempting to kill her baby.

According to an arrest report, Hollingsworth told police that the baby’s eyes were black, had an abnormal scent that wasn’t good and was grunting. After this, she decided to wrap the blanket around the baby’s head.

Police said Hollingsworth had self-inflicted injuries to her face when she was found. And she told them she hit herself several times with a rock in an attempt to kill herself after she left the hospital.

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