Hornersville residents speak out against police department

Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 10:48 PM CDT
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HORNERSVILLE, Mo. (KAIT) - A call for change, residents in Hornersville, Missouri, spoke out at a Wednesday city council meeting.

Some had concerns about Hornersville Police Officer Danny Spradlin.

Residents said Spradlin threatened, harassed, and pulled them over for minor incidents.

We spoke with a few that said Spradlin approached them as soon as they drove out of their driveways.

“On my three-wheeler and ran these roads right here, as long as you’re being safe and not raising a lot of noise you’re good. Now it’s like every time I back out of the driveway I’m looking for the cop car. The thing is, with these small towns you can’t come in here and overload people like that,” said Colton Holmes, Hornersville resident.

The chief of police spoke at the council meeting and said the complaints are unsubstantiated because recently, she has been in the car with him during his stops.

The residents said they want Spradlin to change his attitude and approach when pulling someone over.

The city council tabled a vote on police department procedures to the next council meeting.

The council went into an executive session on the topic of Spradlin for more than 2 hours after residents expressed their concerns.

Hornersville Mayor Terry Lee said the council had received several complaints about the officer. He said they are working to ensure that the concerns are addressed with the department.

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