Election Profiles: Poinsett County Judge

Published: May. 15, 2022 at 9:31 PM CDT
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HARRISBURG, Ark. (KAIT) - The race for Poinsett County Judge is between five republican candidates John K. Hutchison, J.C. Carter, Billy Pilgrim, Louis Jones Sr., and Bobby New all think they are the right choice for the position.

Louis Jones Sr. has lived in Poinsett County his entire life and worked at the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Department for four years… he says getting money into the county will be one of his number one priorities.

“I don’t understand where it goes, it comes to the state goes to the city and it doesn’t go to the county and if it does its very little, that’s got to change,” said Jones.

Billy Pilgrim has farmed most of his life and was a Mississippi County Police Officer for 12 years. Since he has lived in Poinsett County has noticed there are changes that need to be made.

“I think we need a lot of drainage on our ditches, need some gravel on those ditches and just get out and try to get it done,” said Pilgrim.

Pilgrim added getting more money into the county will help with different road projects.

“We are going to have to get out and get all the grants we can to try and get things going in the county again like they should be,” said Pilgrim

Bobby New grew up in Trumann and has spent time with the Trumann Fire department along with the Poinsett County Street department. He said with all the railroads throughout the county if elected he hopes to try and attract new businesses.

“A steel mill or even an automaker that’s going into these other counties, why can’t they come to our county since we are very accessible,” said New.

New said his experience with the street department can help him improve county roads.

“I want to form a troubleshooting crew, to take care of problem areas where the rest of the guys can do their thing,” said New.

John K. Hutchison is the Poinsett County Assessor and former Member of the Arkansas House of Representatives. He says if elected he will institute a grant department for county.

“I believe our county needs a grant department and I think we are missing out on a lot of money that we could be receiving because our infrastructure in our county has really deteriorated,” said Hutchison

If elected Hutchison said there are changes, he would want to make for the people.

“I want my office, that office to be open to the people more, you know more citizens involvement,” said Hutchison.

J.C. Carter has also lived in Poinsett County his entire life and has been a point county justice of the peace for 22 years. If elected he said there is one major problem, he wants to fix.

“The main thing that I need to do is correct some road problems,” said Carter. “We have roads that when it rains, they turn into waterways instead of roadways.”

Carter added he has qualities that he thinks will help in excel in the position.

“My experience and my ability to work with other quorum court members will help me I think,” said Carter.

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