Ex-daycare worker to serve no time for pushing child several times

Published: May. 17, 2022 at 6:47 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A daycare worker seen on video pushing a four-year-old child at KidSpot Learning Center will serve no jail time.

Daydreonna Fowler received one year of probation for the incident that happened on Feb. 11.

There were no cameras allowed in the courtroom during Fowler’s Court appearance Tuesday.

However, Region 8 News was there when 27-year-old Fowler changed her not guilty plea. She originally pled not guilty on April 18.

The video featuring Fowler was viewed in court Tuesday by Judge Ralph Wilson.

He agreed with Prosecuting Attorney Heather Owens, saying there’s plenty of blame to go around, not only on Fowler but also on the KidSpot Learning Center where the incident happened.

Judge Wilson said he was “disappointed” with the child care center’s lack of intervention and how the other teacher in the classroom did not help with the behavior of the children.

Owens originally recommended 30 days in jail with 23 of those days suspended, six months probation, and for Fowler to be placed on the Department of Human Services Maltreatment list, meaning ultimately she could no longer work with children.

Before Judge Wilson handed down the verdict, he heard from the child’s mother Angela Artis.

Artis said although her daughter did not have any physical injuries, she is still traumatized and is having trouble trusting adults. Artis added her daughter now attends therapy twice a week.

When questioned by the prosecutor, Fowler said she had been working with kids for four years and agreed it was not right to push the child and that she should be punished, but she remarked “jail is harsh”.

After the testimony, Judge Wilson ultimately decided to go with no jail time, but Fowler will be placed on 12 months of probation. She will have to pay over $375 in fines and fees.

Wilson also referred that Fowler is placed on the maltreatment registry.

Fowler said she was fired the day of the incident and has no plans to return to a daycare facility.

As for Artis, she said Tuesday’s ruling was not enough, releasing the following statement:

“After lying about how my child was simply having a bad behavior for no reason, she did not honestly say that my child was crying because of what she said to her. After ignoring my child’s cry and tantrum to get her attention, she continuously abused her. Not one time did Daydreanna apologize for anything, or say sorry to a 4-year-old child to show how bad she felt or to show that “she didn’t try to push her.” Her main concern was staying out of jail, not about the mental crisis she put my child in.”

Anglea Artis, mother of pushed child

Region 8 News asked Fowler if she had a comment after her court appearance Tuesday, but she declined to comment.

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