Restaurant refuses to raise menu prices amid inflation, bird flu

Published: May. 20, 2022 at 7:28 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Avian bird flu and inflation have driven up prices of poultry and eggs across the United States, forcing some restaurants to be faced with hard decisions: Raise menu prices or lose the profit.

Regina McKay, owner of Gina’s Place (formerly Ann’s Restaurant), said she loves her customer base too much to raise the prices, adding most of them are elderly and on a fixed income.

“They’re going through the same issues I am trying to be groceries every week and trying to decide to I want my medicine or do I want my groceries,” she said.

McKay said she has only raised her prices once within the last decade.

She added the price of chicken has almost quadrupled for her, explaining it went from $46 to $164.

McKay said she has been seeking cheaper alternatives to help lessen her loss in profits.

“I shop on Amazon and have it delivered to my home and bring it up here,” she said.

McKay’s determination to keep her menu prices the same has kept her customers like Brad Joyce coming back regularly for lunch.

“We appreciate what she does and enjoy it,” Joyce said.

Joyce has been a regular at Gina’s Place for 22 years, adding even if McKay were to raise menu prices, he still believes “she needs to make a profit” and he is willing to pay.

McKay said her loyal customers are what keeps her going.

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