Jonesboro High School legend “Fireball” retires after 34 years

Published: May. 26, 2022 at 9:26 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Glen Bryant, better known as “Fireball” has served 34 years at Jonesboro High School as the security officer.

He held down the parking lot for over 30 years, and this will be his last week at his post.

If you’ve been on the JHS campus, you’ve seen “Fireball” watching over the parking lot or keeping score at a basketball game.

“I mean he is still fireball, he is still going to give you a ticket he still will not allow you to park the wrong way in the parking lot,” said Tiffany Williams, a current employee of JHS and former student.

Although he was known for his infamous tickets, Bryant said he was trying to make sure all the rules were followed.

“They had a sticker on our cars they had to put on, corresponding with the paint on the ground,” he said. “So they had to park forward instead of backing in.”

Thursday, the school staff, alumni, and current students came together to say their goodbyes and share memories as Bryant prepares for retirement.

“I’m getting out of the car and this cart comes up behind me really fast and this dude right here gets out and says, ‘Sir. You can’t park there’,” said JHS boys head basketball coach, Wes Swift.

“I think the real reason you had to retire is because you are up to seven basketball state championship rings which is actually more than M.J., so basically that means you are the GOAT,” said JHS alumnus, Matt Garner.

When asked about the nickname “Fireball”, Bryant explained it emerged after a P.E. class when he was in school.

“I said, ‘Coach, I can’t beat him.’ ‘Just do your best’, and we ran the whole field all the way around. He just beat me by arm’s length,” he said.

Everyone celebrated “Fireball” and his years of service with gifts and music courtesy of the high school band.

With his radio and ring of keys on his side, Bryant only has one more day until he closes this chapter.

When asked about what he’ll do once he retires, Bryant said he might do a little traveling and yard work.

One activity he is sure about though is still making it to every high school basketball game to take score.

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