“A light in a dark world”: Parents prepare for anniversary of son’s murder

Published: May. 27, 2022 at 10:15 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - On the weekend of Memorial Day back in 2021, Gavin Wagster was killed while at a friend’s house.

“At first you are just really numb and you don’t believe it,” said Regina Wagster, Gavin’s mother.

Both Regina and Gavin’s father, Michael, explained how they have felt since that day.

“The closer it gets to the anniversary day the harder that it gets,” she said.

They recounted the last 12 months have been a journey the parents never expected to be on, but they said they take each day one step at a time.

“Your mind is so full of different emotions that you can’t concentrate,” Regina said. “It affects your abilities to recall words.”

Logan Murray, the man charged with the murder of Gavin, was set to go to trial in two weeks, but court documents filed Friday show the trial is now scheduled for September.

The Wagster family doesn’t understand why.

In the last 353 days, Gavin’s parents have used their time to celebrate and honor their son.

“We string light everywhere because that’s what everyone would tell you about Gavin is that. When he walked into the room, he lit it up. He was a light in a dark world,” Regina said.

For the one-year anniversary of Gavin’s death, the family is hosting a fundraiser and vigil in his honor.

The event will be at the Craighead Forest Park at 6:00 pm, May 29.

The fundraiser will help raise scholarship money for the University of Central Arkansas, with the scholarship will go to a student who plays the euphonium, just like Gavin did.

“My son could play a multitude of instruments, but the instrument he got a scholarship for to go to UCA was this Euphonium,” Regina said.

Gavin’s mother said she does all of this to help his friends know they can continue their lives, because that is how Gavin would have wanted it.

“I do not want this person that took my son’s life to affect theirs to a point that they are not living just existing,” Regina said.

They hope the vigil and fundraiser is just the beginning of a legacy that will live forever.

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