‘A miracle’: A Poplar Bluff family shares a near-death story

Published: Jun. 2, 2022 at 9:48 PM CDT
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POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KAIT) - A shocking miracle on Memorial Day weekend for a Poplar Bluff Family.

In just moments, 6-year-old Collin Kinsey drowned while on vacation, but with quick help, he was brought back to life.

“Sissy found me,” said Collin.

He explained his near-death drowning experience as hopeful that someone would find him in time.

“If nobody saw me in time I could have almost died. If nobody saw me then I could die,” Collin said.

The Kinsey family spent the weekend in Peridio Key, Florida with family and friends.

It was a pretty normal day until it was not.

“Charlie said mom Collin is on the bottom of the pool. I jumped into the pool and I did not see him lying there until I was under the water,” said Christen Kinsey, Collin’s mom. “A man helped me lift him over the fountain. We laid him down and my friend started CPR.”

After CPR, Collin was resituated and airlifted to Florida children’s hospital.

It was deemed he suffered a non-fatal drowning, but the Kinsey’s are calling it a miracle.

“God put those situations together for us. He is here because it wasn’t his time to go and their medical training,” said Charles Kinsey, Collin’s dad.

In the United States, the CDC reports more than 8,000 nonfatal drownings a year. That averages out to 22 a day.

Collin’s family said they are thankful they were able to bring him back after that trip.

Christen said her kids are around water all the time. They both have been swimming since they were six weeks old.

She also said the adults are accustomed to watching the kids and making sure everyone is accounted for.

So, she never thought she would experience one of her kids drowning.

“You think you are vigilant enough until you realize it’s not,” Christen said.

The next day, Collin left the hospital and jumped back in the water. Something his mom called brave.

But she changed two things to make sure what happened the day before was prevented: She made him put on a life jacket and changed the color of his swimsuit.

When Collin drowned, he had on a light blue swimsuit. Christen said this made it difficult making it difficult to see Collin when he was underwater.

They also changed his swimwear to bright orange, a color that is easier to see in the water.

“When we swam again, we made sure he had on an orange shirt so you could see,” she said. “I never noticed the difference before in how well you can see him compared to the light blue and it matches the water.”

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