HEAT WAVE: Tips to keep your utility bill and energy use low

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 9:32 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Calls are rolling in.

Rodney Dunlap, the owner of Repair USA, said their phones ring off the hook as soon as it heats up. “We’re probably taking 30 calls a day now.”

As temps rise and it heats up, people are running their air conditioner more to keep cool.

Dunlap and Entergy Arkansas said that could affect how your AC works and your bill.

“But for every degree higher, it’s going to work even harder to make your system stay at the degree it is set on,” said Kacee Kirshchvink, communications manager at Entergy Arkansas.

She said when energy supply and demand don’t match up, it could affect power grids, but they are confident they won’t run into issues.

“But from our calculations, we believe that it is enough power in the south and the southern parts of Miso, that it will not exceed the demand,” said Kirschvink.

She added that if a generation plant or transmitter goes down, that could change things.

Dunlap said his company gives tips to its customers to keep the AC working properly.

“We do advise folks when it’s this hot to make sure to draw their shades just to keep the sunlight from coming in,” he said. “It will drastically help.”

He said the supply chain has improved since last year, but it is important not to wait to get your AC checked at the last minute.

“This year honestly things have gotten a lot better, now it’s some delay on equipment, but for the most part we don’t have anyone waiting over a couple of days for anything,” said Dunlap.

He said checking your filter will help improve your AC’s functions.

Kirschvink said that Entergy Arkansas has a commission rule in the summer to help out their customers. The rule prevents the company from discontinuing services for the elderly and disabled when temperatures are above 95 degrees.

She said they sometimes go above that rule to ensure their customers are comfortable and safe during this heat.

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